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potted plant

Bamboo Affiliate

Bamboo Affiliate

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he appearance of a green patch in the work area will help you think smarter and more creative.

TTrees also help those who regularly do intense mental work relieve stress. An article in Psychology Today recognized the positive effects of green plants on human perception and impact . especially creativity. It is also interesting that the fake tree also has the same effect in improving productivity.

Lose weight and improve your emotions

Plants are not only green plants but also vegetables. Even omnivores need lots of vegetables. The principle of eating helps to protect health is "Eat - Not too much - Eat lots of vegetables and fruits".Eat plenty of healthy plants from the inside out. Self-grown organic vegetables will help you feel better and lose weight better. Try to discover more fruits and vegetables that you have never tried before. Mixing a salad or a smoothie is also a way to add variety to your nutritional menu.

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